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Shear mode transducer – For the detection and study of shear waves in AE tests of plates and stuctures constructed from plates


Dual-purpose AE transducer that is equally sensitive to in-plane (IP) and out-of-plane (OOP) plate waves. This dual performance is achieved by a partial mass loading of the piezoelectric crystal which is the sensing element for this sensor.


Broadband AE sensor, 100kHz to 900kHz response.


Miniature transducer, 0.125 inch aperture, 650kHz peak frequency. The inside of the case is filled with a proprietary backing material that provides protection from shock, vibration and moisture intrusion.


Low frequency, 55 kHz peak frequency response, high sensitivity transducer. Well suited for above ground storage tank inspection, testing of concrete structures, and other attenuating materials.


Low frequency, 40kHz sensor, sensitivity at approximately 1 volt per nanometer of displacement at 40kHz frequency. Well suited for leak detection, and testing materials exhibiting high AE signal attenuation.


Standard AE sensor for general purpose testing, 375kHz peak sensitivity.


Broadband miniature transducer, 200kHz – 2.0MHz.


Miniature transducer with a small aperture (0.125 in.). The element of this transducer has been loaded to provide low frequency displacement response to plate waves produced by out-of-plane (OOP) sources such as impact and friction in addition to its high frequency response to in-plane (IP) sources due to crack growth.


Standard AE sensor for general purpose testing, 100-300kHz (150kHz peak) sensitivity.


Small aperture, high fidelity AE transducer with frequency range of 8kHz to 400kHz. The small 1.5 mm aperture, high sensitivity, and high fidelity features, provide an ideal solution for the study of frequency characteristics of plate waves.


Miniature AE sensor, 650kHz peak sensitivity, ideal for testing of small specimens or disk media burnish and glide tests, and head-disk interference (HDI) detection.

scoreatlanta_logoScore-Atlanta purchased Dunengan Engineering Company, Inc. (Hal Dunegan) in 2009. Following a long legacy of advancements by Hal Dunegan, Score-Atlanta provides portable systems used to detect leakage through process plant valves and piping and a complete range of acoustic emissions sensors and data acquisition hardware for monitoring piping, pressure vessels and other steel structures.

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